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Water temperature

Set the right temperature for hair wash which is neither too hot nor too cold. Extremely hot water will damage the strands and extremely cold water will make hair wash uncomfortable when it should actually be relaxing. Shower time is self-care time. A time to d-stress and cleanse your body, your hair, and your thoughts. Warm water is best when shampooing the hair because it helps open the cuticles and remove dirt. If you want to use cold water do it at the end, when you’re rinsing the conditioner, this will seal the cuticles leaving the hair smoother and shinier


Most people tend to scrub the scalp very intensely, thinking that it is going to do a better job. There’s no need for that. When it’s wet, hair is 3 times weaker. Scrubbing with your fingernails or in a very harsh way will tangle the strands, damage the cuticles and you’ll end up losing more hair than you’re supposed to. The best way to scrub is by going in and gently scrubbing with the tip of your fingers in a side-to-side motion (not a circle motion).

The foam

There’s no need for it. None, zero, nada. The foaming effect of shampoos is caused by an additive that companies use to make it seem like the product is doing a good job at cleaning. A lot of companies use detergent in traditional shampoos in order to make users think that the product works better at cleaning. You can find excellent shampoos that make very little or absolutely no foam, while still cleaning the hair.

Washing the scalp

The scalp is the only part of the head that needs cleaning. It produces the natural oil that hair needs to be nourished. The ends do not produce any oil, that’s why they are always drier than the scalp. When shampooing the scalp there is no point in rubbing the ends with shampoo, doing so will dry them even more and they will split faster than usual. When you rinse the shampoo off, everything from the scalp drips down to the ends, cleaning them in the process.This article offers free shipping on qualified Face mask products, or buy online and pick up in store today at Medical Department

Amount of shampoo

As mentioned before, the area that needs to get shampooed is the scalp. Most humans have similar head sizes, meaning that there is no need to increase or decrease the amount of shampoo depending on the length of hair but depending on the size of the head. Two dime-sized drops or two pumps is enough to completely cleanse the scalp. One pump to scrub the front of the head and one to scrub the back, around the neck and ears.

Working the shampoo

Scrub the front of your head gently and move the hands side-to-side (NOT IN CIRCLES). Then, flip your head upside down magasin coque telephonehandyhülle reinigenwww.youcan.comenter the giveaway now and work the back with your fingertips focusing on the parts that get most oily. This way it’s easier to gently scrub some parts and the blood will flow to your head giving your scalp an extra stimulus for hair growth. Take your time for this step, let the shampoo work its magic.

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